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Our Favorite and Fabulous HR Finds

We’ve collected some of the best HR-related finds right here and have written reviews of our absolute favorites. Please feel free to check them out! Disclaimer: these are affiliate links. If you find these resources to be helpful, it helps us out a lot to purchase them–and is no extra cost to you.

The Gallup Strength’s Finder by Tom Rath. This book purchase also comes with an assessment code so you can learn more about yourself and your team.

Employment Law for Human Resource Practice is an excellent resource for HR professionals who want a good overview of legal issues.  While it is no substitute for a lawyer when it is needed, this resource helps clear up many issues and save a lot in lawyer fees.

The HRBOK is the official body of HR resources and is known for being the go-to for PHR certificate studies from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

For those just breaking into HR or for the Do-it-yourselfer kind of business owner, this book is a must-have. It covers everything you need to know to get started doing it right!

For the HR professional that really needs to express themselves. Because, let’s face it, HR is hard and people really don’t appreciate us. Even better, it makes a great Christmas gift for your boss–and it’s under $20 so there’s no worries about bribery and conflicts of interest!

Pyscho-cybernetics is the father of self-help books. Our team just finished it October of 2018. It’s a fabulous book and great for any entrepreneur struggling with growing their business or any individual who wants to work on setting and achieving new goals.