How to change a toxic work-culture in 5 steps

Employers have the joy and pain of being responsible for the culture of their workplace. When culture becomes toxic, it is on the head of leadership to find fixes. Most leaders would prefer to hear otherwise, but here's the tough truth: your work culture may or may not have been created by you, but it is up to you to change it.

What is “HR”?

The Human Resources department is the (often unseen) hand that keeps business processes running. While the role of an HR department does vary from company-to-company, there are tasks commonly assigned to the HR Department. They monitor business areas like: employment law compliance, payroll, benefits, work leave, hiring and on-boarding, training, disciplinary actions, policy and procedure …

6 ways to increase your team’s productivity

Employees are people.  First and foremost, they have lives and needs--and often these lives and needs distract good employees from doing their best work. Employers need to realize that getting what they want from their employees involves helping employees get what they want.  If an employee is getting what they want out of a job, then they are going to be less likely to leave and a lot more motivated to produce work.

Three dangerous interview questions employers should never ask

Employers face many issues when hiring employees. No shows, quitting without notice, quitting with notice, actions that warrant disciplinary write-ups, poor performance, workers comp claims, get the point. The long list of things that an employer must navigate when hiring other people to work for them is long and full of potential mistakes. These …