The Best Candidate Assessment Tests

A good candidate assessment goes long way in helping you pick the best candidates for your company.  If you’re not sure how to evaluate your candidates, then you’ve come to the right place.  It’s a well known fact that a job interview is not a good indicator of candidate performance.  So, it is important to find additional ways to evaluate your candidate.

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Below are the best candidate assessments that we’ve used to date. There are various pricing structures and even free versions. However, using these is only part of the candidate story. Make sure you consider other aspects of your candidate as well, such as their experience, manager references, and any skills that may be unique to the position.

Also, consider the type of position you are hiring for.  If you’re hiring a candidate that needs specific skill-sets, but not a specific personality, you may wan to focus on assessments that are skills-based more than personality assessments.

However, for those situations in which you want an insight into the personality and work-style of your candidate, we’ve got our top picks here.

16 Personalities: Free

This test is a free version of the Meyers Briggs. The test comes with a nicely laid out testing structure. If you just want a birds-eye view of your candidate’s personality, use this. This test is an easy way to get a large scope of your candidates self-image and personal preferences.

However, as with all personality tests, recognize that this test is not all inclusive.  These types of personality tests measure self-perception. They do not necessarily give you a look into how a candidate’s personality effects their working style.

So, if your candidate tests  as an introvert, they may be a fabulous salesperson too.  Some of the best salespeople of all time are introverted. The moral of the story: consider the results, but don’t use them as an end all.  Check  16 Personalities out by clicking on this link. It is also important to recognize that since this test is free, you have no power to get the results without your candidate voluntarily submitting them to you. So, recognize that weakness and prepare for it in advance.

DISC: Paid And Free

You can purchase the DISC assessment from a variety of sources. There are some free versions available as well, but they may not officially be a part of the DISC assessment and may bear its name only. So, if you do a bit of research you may be able to find one that is available for your use, but use with caution.

The DISC test tends to be an in-depth exploration of working styles. It can be excellent for assessing leadership styles.  This assessment looks deeply into how a candidate tends to think and solve problems.  DISC assesses personality too, but does not focus on it.  This helps to fill in the weaknesses of a personality-only candidate assessment.  Additionally, the paid version of the DISC adds the benefit of sending you results automatically. Check out the DISC official website.

Team Roles Test: Free

With a Team Roles Test, you can explore the specific roles in which people tend to fit the best on a team. We have never used a paid version of this test, but some do exist.

The team roles test focuses on working styles, but leaves out personality. This kind of test is especially helpful when looking at working styles as well as the types of roles that a candidate likes to fill. It takes a group oriented approach. This means that the test assesses how candidates tend to work in groups, rather than on their own. This can be especially helpful when adding a candidate to a preexisting team. To learn more about the Team Roles test, try it out for yourself.

Clifton Strengths: Paid

The Clifton Strengths in an in-depth profile of your candidates working styles and preferences. This tests provides around 15 pages of information on your candidate and allows you to read about their best qualities.  You can also request a page that shows every score from highest to lowest.  This has the added benefit of allowing you to know how a candidate will fit into your team overall.

The Strength’s Finder makes team-building easier as well. It helps you define your ideal team and create a good working environment.   By understanding your candidates, you are able to create a good working environment that motivates and inspires your employees.

This assessment is good both for candidate assessment and for employee assessment and team building.  To check it out, you can read more about it on the Gallup Strength’s Finder Website.

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