The average employee wastes 70% of their work day

The average employee only performs real work for less than half of their scheduled shift.

What are your office employees doing instead of work? A whole lot of time-wasting activity, according to a study . A survey of about 2,000 office workers reveal employees spend the majority of their workday on the following activities:

Checking social media – 44 minutes (spent doing this during working day)
Reading news websites – 1 hour 5 minutes
Discussing out of work activities with colleagues – 40 minutes
Making hot drinks – 17 minutes
Smoking breaks – 23 minutes
Text/instant messaging – 14 minutes
Eating snacks – 8 minutes
Making food in office– 7 minutes
Making calls to partner/ friends – 18 minutes
Searching for new jobs- 26 minutes

The actual time spent working is only about 2.5 hours. of an 8.8 hour work day. This means that nearly 70% of potential productivity is wasted on non-work activities in your average office building.

This shows a lack of engagement and great opportunity to improve. With payroll being the top expense for most businesses, it only makes sense to not continue wasting 70% of the time you pay employees to work for you.

Want to see how your office measures up to the average? Download our free job time assessment and get looking at what tasks take the most time.

To get started reclaiming the work day for your business, check out this article on free time-management tools.

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