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The best workplaces are a mix of work and play. An employee who is utterly miserable will not perform quality work on a consistent basis and a workplace full of bean-bag chairs and smoothie machines may inhibit the actual work-day.

A good happy medium? A solid set of goals and benchmarks to make sure your business gets its business done, an accountability system to prevent “ghost employees,” and enough flexibility and freedom to allow employees to squeeze in enough fun to make their workplace worth returning to.

To set these goals and benchmarks, you’re going to want the right time management and productivity tools for the job. The Little Fish Team has used some of the following to increase their productivity, and wants to share them with you.


Getting started on Todoist is simple with a bright and user-friendly interface. Lists can be made in the form of “Projects.” Projects can be shared between multiple people and added/edited as needed. You can set recurring tasks and synchronize due dates with a calendar. The price is right too: Free. Todoist also offers a full-feature version which allows commenting and more tasks per a project. Little Fish has gotten along well just operating on the free version and we’ve found our productivity increased by about 20% just using this program.


Slack is all about communication and sharing. It’s like a mini-social media for work. Share files, set meetings, and schedule phone calls. It’s a great place to one-stop your communication and the free version allows small teams to really connect. Be careful though: this great communication tool can easily turn into a time-waster if its not utilized properly.

Doodle Poll

Doodle is a must for the Little Fish Team. On large projects or when working with multiple client’s departments and team schedules, it is nearly impossible to get a meeting set up through email. The best free solution we’ve found has been Doodle’s schedule software, allowing our team to set a list of available meetings and then allow the rest of the attendees to narrow down their availability. The result? Meetings get scheduled in half the time and nobody says that they need a different schedule.

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