2018 Small Business Payroll Providers

Here at Little Fish, we’ve had the opportunity to do some research into payroll providers that are making waves in the 2018 payroll market. Below are reviews of some of the bigger names currently on the payroll market.


ADP is an industry giant with a big reputation. They offer a cloud-based software, easy user interface and great customer service.  The downside (or maybe upside for those who want minimal features?) is that nearly every piece of software is broken down into multiple modules that drive the user to continue purchasing more solutions just to get the full functionality of the system.  Overall, we love ADP.  Full disclosure: while we don’t get endorsed by ADP in any way, we do use their system to provide our services.


To our knowledge, Gusto is a newbie in the market.  We’ve not used them to date so we can’t give a personal review.  From research done via Forbes, a Google Search for complaints, and some social media reviews, they seem to have a positive overall user feedback.  They offer payroll services, HR services, and benefit services.  They seem to be less complex than ADP, but with a easier user-interface.


Paychex brags the same usability and interfaces that ADP has including in-depth payroll, tax pay, reporting, and more all in a cloud-based system.  They’re also one of the fastest growing payroll companies on the market and a top competitor of ADP.

That’s about it on the positive side of Paychex.  The system is known to be unreliable and buggy by all of the users I’ve talked with. From my own experiences with Paychex I’ve seen many system errors and customer service that does not rise to the challenge of resolving these errors.  Hopefully, they will get these solutions fixed because Paychex is a system with promise.  They just need to work out the bugs.


Paycor is a payroll company that is up-and-coming. We’ve not used them personally, but I’m highlighting them in this article for one particular reason: my experience with their sales staff.  When in communication with Paycor a couple of years ago, I had an excellent salesperson. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go with Paycor because the system itself did not offer the full blown solution that was needed at the time.  However, unlike most salespeople which will quickly promise any and all solutions you ask for and then fail to deliver once they have a contract from you, my experience was different. I had an honest, straightforward sales-person that told me what they could and could not offer.  No wasted time, no lies.  The integrity demonstrated by this singular salesperson is one really won me over and why I would recommend giving them a call and asking about their services.


SyncHR comes highly recommended, but the Little Fish team has not used it personally.  The features offered include HCM management, payroll, and benefits.  SnycHR markets themselves as a company that is “holistic.” So, if you’re interested in a personalized approach, checking them out may be a good fit for you.

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