How to Hire (2/3): Collecting The Right Forms

While collecting the correct new hire forms is extremely important, it is vital for you to know that these items do vary by industry and state.  To give you a birds-eye view of the requirements at a Federal level, make sure you have the following  forms and documents from your employees:

  • IRS Form I-9
  • IRS Form W-4
  • A copy of the employee’s SSN
  • A local state tax form–this form varies from state-to-state
  • Local municipal tax forms (when applicable)

Please note that these are just a few of the high-level forms that you as an employer must collect and file (or in some states E-Verify) in order to remain compliant. Your industry, state, and city often require more documentation.  It is important to check into your local requirements in advance of hiring an employee–or have a professional do this on your behalf.

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